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tv   KRON 4 Morning News  KRON  December 11, 2012 7:00am-10:00am PST

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rethink possible.
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(male announcer) live from the bay area here is your kron 4 news a live look from our roof cam this morning. as we look over sampras is the we do see some fog and hayes. let's find out more about the weather on a cold note here's erica >> that's right especially in the north bay. we're talking upper 30's. keep those layers on as we head into the afternoon. temperatures only climb into the upper 50s low 60s. not nearly as pleasant as what we saw yesterday but we will continue to see an increasing cloud cover in the afternoon. later on tonight, especially in the north bay we have potential for rain in the bay area. satellite and radar is monitoring the area with low pressure and cold front that is coming from the gulf of alaska. with that expect
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light rain overnight and waking up tomorrow morning full details on what to expect coming up and my next report. >> we have a lot of slow traffic headed into san francisco. no accidents on the bridge but a lot of heavy traffic as you work their way into the city. a live look at the traffic approaching a toll plaza. the lights are on an cycling rather slowly. the back up now expands on to the 880 and to the oakland a's. we haven't accident and blocking the left lane and has traffic jam that from 24. as the right into severances go this morning. and to the toll plaza you will see heavier traffic up the incline up to treasure island. want to get on to the suspensions and headed to san francisco research to clear up. give yourself extra time. >> hayward firefighters investigate an apartment fire that happened here
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dickson street and the bay of this the avenue this morning. that is where we find jackie sissel to tell us about what happened with the fire. >> everyone got out ok and that is a good news. the damage is done to these two- story apartment. right here you can see the bottom floor and as i cannot even see the top floor. both are from the same unit and they were lucky to get out. here is a video shot by the hayward fire department your ride on the scene around 4:00 a.m.. that is one that got the call of the fire at the 29,000 block of dickson street. a multi unit apartment complex. they did indeed find a fully engulfed unit and upstairs and downstairs. at that point they were told to people at self evacuate it. a mother and son had gotten out of the apartment but unharmed. they were ablenock on the flames relatively
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quickly. it only went to a single alarm. they do say that some smoke and water damage occurred at a nearby apartment. that had four people inside the apartment. in all six people were evacuated. that i am investigating a suspicious fire right now. there is reason to believe that this may have been intentionally set. that is why investigators are out here right now. most of the fire crews have left, the fire is out. investigators remain and will probably remain for most of the morning. >> a lot of damage and is a good thing that no one got hurt. >> speaking of fires let's move to the east bay where we have contra costa will tran is joining us live and martine as
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>> this is station no. 12 and unless something changes barring a miracle the plan is to shut down the station. also won a walnut creek lafayette and creighton because they cannot afford it any longer. a couple months ago the boulders in contra costa county but it to reject a measure q which route would have generated millions of dollars and that all the fire stations open. i talked to some people inside, they can't go on camera but they did tell me they planned to sell the supervisor they now or pay later. the extra $80 and property tax the rejected for measure q or does what? the home insurance policy could go up by the hundreds if not thousands of dollars. here is what we're looking at. they chose these four stations because of the volumes of calls. apparently these did not get as many calls as the others and they are close enough to surrounding fire stations that is something should
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happen in nearby station could come by and pick up the load. if you live next to the fire station for years you don't like that. that is something that will probably have to be done. that is what's gonna happen and i clock in the morning. that is according to the people against the measures. this will recall create longer response time. they save your going to do it, i got you can do it metritis staggering. do it slowly and not all at one time come january. after being here we will rush over to the meeting and cover for you live. >> watching what's happening in washington today with the fiscal cliff. another round of negotiation between the white house and speaker john baker. aside is willing to bend. the president insisting that expiring tax cuts be renewed for everyone except for the wealthiest americans. republicans
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insist on deeper cuts in entitlement programs like medicare. neither side is given any specifics on what they're planning to cut. a likely compromise would include tax increases on the top tax bracket from 35 to 37 percent, not the 39% the president is asking. significant cuts to medicare to go into effect. the debt ceiling is also looming in these talks. the treasury say the u.s. is likely hit its 16.4 trillion dollar debt limit by the end of this year. the treasury could use creative measures that would stave off in the u.s. debt default until mid february. as far as where we are with these talks right now watching 10? we are basically nowhere. and is looking more likely that we will go off the fiscal cliff at the end of the year. 706 a m right now and we'll be back with more in a couple of minutes. here's a live look at the golden gate bridge. we will be right
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apple shares are up over 40 percent for the year. also watching facebook par. >> facebook shares up to 2786. >> the port of oakland maritime director james caan is stepping down as a newly released audit shows that nearly $200,000 in questionable expenses. from luxury mills to tiffany silver caearrings. to you-to concert tickets. an internal audit of 2011 expenses or already under way in october when news broke out about the port executive director, omar benjamin and quantum in nearly $4,500 and used to strip club. benjamin
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is already stepped down from his position. >> american schoolchildren continue to lag behind students in asian countries in math and science exams giving globally. >> result from international achievement exams find that students in singapore, south korea, and japan outperform u.s. fourth and eighth grade student in the to about 11 trend in international mathematics and science study. despite the u.s. students do rank among the top form as assisting countries that administer the exam. >> our live look this morning shows hazy conditions. foggy in seven to go. traffic beginning to build. we will get an update on both your weather and traffic coming
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welcome back to the kron 4 morning news. watching a few light of cents. here is a look inside a florida courtroom. >> attorneys for the florida man charged with shooting and killing 17 year olds trayvon martin r as it as a judge to in their class 24- hour gps monitoring. never of watch volunteer george zimmerman has been out on bond and a judge today is expected here at least a new motions in this case. zimmerman, who claimed he shot the teen in self- defense, is set to go to trial in june.
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>> national labor unions hold their right to work rally ahead of the house and senate vote on becoming the controversy right to work bill and at organized labor. >> if is passed and signed into law, michigan would become the 24 right to work state, banning requirements that nonunion employes paid union for negotiating contracts and other services. >> california is not one of those 24 states. we saw wisconsin passed similar legislation with huge protests. there are huge protests going on in michigan will bring you live pictures when we come back. >> it is 7:15 a.m. now we want to go live to erica to get a look at the weather this tuesday morning. >> good morning darya. >> there's a more dense fog to day. we are taking it live outside to my favorite
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shot of the morning this is our mount tam cam it could see it showing the cloud cover in fog. >> is cold 37 for fairfield vallejo 38. and concord out conditions for san francisco and the coast. upper '40's in daly city 45 in oakland. off as we take a look at your afternoon highs will not warm up by much. we're talking upper 50s low 60s. cooler conditions compared to yesterday. futurecast 4 is highlighting changes in the forecast monterrey in area of low pressure a cold front that will drop down from the gulf of alaska. a lot of cloud cover will increase to the afternoon. cool air just after the bamade five passes through. >> a really cold morning low temperatures flirted with the freezing mark. your afternoon i will only climate to the mid-50s. taking a close look 9:00 p.m. tonight may be light rain north of the golden gate bridge. it will
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continue to see showers pass through overnight. a lot of people will be sleeping. the possibility exists for some showers as you wake up tomorrow morning. >> it will not be widespread or heavy you may need to use your when john wipers. drive with extra caution. we will see rain snow mixed in the sierras. the northern sierra is under it winter weather advisory. we can expect four to 8 in. at 4,500 ft.. snow showers possible tomorrow. keep your chains headed for interstate 880 and highway 50. >> this will last for 24 hours. in the bay area we will continue with the possibility of re for friday and another storm will world for saturday night bringing a half inch of rain for the entire bay area as we head into sunday. >> that is a look at your forecast here in the bay area. a quick check from your reportsm.
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>> the base of 11 to 53 in.. those of you heading up to alpine meadows no new snow but some is on the way. their base is currently at 17 to 46 in.. >> good morning. the bay bridge is a hot spot heading into seven cisco. we have slow traffic normal commute traffic. ninto san francisco. >> west bound near the toll plaza that is all the information we have informations you can see the emergency crews are willing to the scene. this is adding to your back up. the lights are on their cycling slowly. your back up extends into the open maze where there was a stall. the 580 split is being cleared after a stalled. it is heading up
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the incline towards treasure island. that a switch to the traffic map to you can see how far the back up is. if you are coming from the east shore freeway it is crowded out of san paolo westbound. this is where we have a stall at a 580-80 split. 580 is backed up to highway 24. westbound 24 is getting heavy. of extra time for all the approaches heading into san francisco. >> the san mateo bridge is usually an alternate tried to get around slow traffic of the bay bridge toll plaza. the drive time is about 50 minutes. it is crowded with more cars on the road. switching to 101 the right across the golden gate bridge is fine. you will see slowing on southbound 101 out of novato. from 37 to 580 as you work your way into san rafeal. >> thank you robyn. 7:19 a.m.. >> if a roseville photographer and youth volleyball coach is arrested on suspicion he secretly
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videotaped a girl as she was getting ready for a photo shoot. >> police say a 30 year-old ronald roy buchanan was arrested on suspicion of possessing obscene matter involving a person under the age of 18. >> the investigation started in november when a teenage girl. buchanan was the girl volleyballs coach. he used his self fall to record the girl and put the phone down as if it was charging in the back from what was actually recorded. >> and other headlines the man charged in the murder and kidnapping of a morgan hill teen major sierra alamar will face charges for other crimes. he will face charges for attacks on three other women in 2009. all cases happening in the same more in hill safeway parking lot. the woman was sitting
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in her car when a man attempted to open the door and she grabbed a pocket knife to defend herself and he grabbed her hand pull the blade to our neck she screamed and he ran off. he is still awaiting trial following his arrest in may with the disappearance of sierra lamar. >> san jose saw an increase according to the fbi, san jose reported 28 hate crimes in 2011 that is up 24 from previous year. the number dropped to nine. in san francisco the number with 63 to 46. the fbi says the numbers nation wide have also declined. >> san jose police have announced a new way for residents to report nonviolent lower level crimes. losing best as using an online sourceusing an unloont
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source. if the report less serious crimes without having to go to the police station are calling an officer to the scene. >> menlo park officials say they're close to choosing a new police chief. they the city is asking the state to extend the contract of former san bruno police chief. the city manager said the city is in the final stages of the hiring process and the interim chief would not be needed for more than two months. >> san francisco could be taking a step towards nothing out smoking entirely. the board of supervisors will discuss a measure that will prohibit smoking in outdoor events. it would require organized a post notices banding smoking as a condition of their city permit. it applies to all
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smoking tobacco or otherwise. >> let us could live look outside. your tuesday morning is shaping up in san francisco. is a great one we have fog in the forecast. we will be right back.
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welcome back the time is 70 6:00 a.m..
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>> the university of california has a new logo and a lot of people are not liking it. >> if after 144 years with the same logo, you see once a new look. the old logo is on the left the do of the ride. >> university officials say the new seal with a simple and more contemporary designs will be appearing on marketing materials and website. the school official says the universe is original local content is did he tell us that did not reduce well or come across to to to lead. >> you see will still use your original local sometimes i on the president's letter an official university documents including diplomas. so what you think about the new logo. we posted on our face but page here is what you rhodian. for daniel said don't like this the old is better. bauer says they can do so much better. the design look silly. >> a lot of pages on facebook have been started. i saw this morning about
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people wanting to change slow or going back to the old one. join our conversation go to facebook .com/kron 4 and post your comments. >> i have to admit i like the 01 better. >> the old one was to collegiate. >> we want something that looks more like a so the top can. >> may be a target in will. >> not good. >> i like the old one. there is no way to change it >> today said it would change their mind. >> they have not said. petitions are going on tens of thousands of signatures. >> i am not feeling it. >> 7:27 a.m. we will be back in a couple of minutes. >> here is a live look outside the san mateo bridge traffic is not bad here on
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92. it looks pretty good. we will have erica coming up with your the bay area's favorite way to ring in the new year is always with kron 4. the biggest parties and spectacular fireworks will be on kron 42 year's eve live show. it is hosted by catherine heenan and garyrsadncih kron fours new year's live.
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good morning thank you for waking up with the kron 4 morning news. the time is 730. is a cold start to the morning. upper third of the north bay. an increase in cloud cover in to the afternoon. your temperatures will climb into the upper 50s low 60s it will be a chilly one around the bay. later tonight the grant will approach. we expect showers for the north bay. that will continue into the overnight
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hours walking up to a lingering showers. full details on what to expect would futurecast for my next report robyn. >> thank you erica a hot spot heading into san francisco traffic jam up approaching the bay bridge toll plaza. it is as close as a 6:00 a.m. hour. we have an accident westbound at the toll plaza to karst not blocking it is into the center divider is adding to the heavy traffic. the lights are on their recycling slow traffic is backed up into the maze of your approach is the seashore, 580 westbound jammed of 24. >> we will check the rest of the bay area bridge is a freeway to the full traffic ticket a minute. >> thank you robyn will head to the east bay falling off of developing story out of hayward where firefighters are on the scene an apartment building fire on dickson street. >> to get news faster less head out to our kron 4 sole reporter jackie sissel. he is standing with the latest
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update. >> fire investigators along with red cross out here investigating the fire that completely destroyed this to level apartment unit and this multi unit apartment complex. here is the video shot by the hayward fire department. the got a call around 4:00 a.m. to the 29,000 block of dickson street. a multi unit apartment complex was on fire when they got here. that is what they found. one unit was completely engulfed in flames. they were told there were two people and mother and son. they were able to self evacuate. no injuries to either occupants inside the unit. the fire did not spread to any other of the unit in the complex but there was heavy smoke and water damage to another unit with more occupants inside of it. they were also evacuated. the reason why the fire fighters are
7:34 am
here they're calling the fire suspicious. they are giving no details about why they think the fire is suspicious. that is why the fire investigative unit is here from the hayward our department. they have been in the downstairs unit all morning long also going in the upstairs part of the apartment. >> james, as i said this is a multiple unit building. the two occupants in the uunit that was completely destroyed were able to get out with no interest. >> did that in the background drop from somewhere. >> know that came from inside the apartment itself. obviously they clear out all of the debris inside the departapartment to make sure nothing is moldering inside. >> speaking of fighting fires. koch costa county supervisors are scheduled to vote today on a plan that
7:35 am
could close for county fire stations. the martinez, walnut creek, lafayette, and clayton stations will close next month. >> the list of possible closures come after voters rejected measure q a temporary parcel tax that would have kept the stations open. >> the board of supervisors meeting is scheduled for 2:00 this afternoon. kron 4 will tdan is following the story we will have a live report in our next hour. >> new this morning firefighters battled a one alarm fire at a commercial building in east oakland this morning. the fire was reported route 130 at 6145 international boulevard. >> we have a photo of the flames coming from the building. they did have the fire under control within about 15 minutes. no injuries have been reported. the oakland fire department said the fire was started by squatters and the vacant building. >> here on the kron 4 news
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we are keeping an eye on the federal reserve. a to that policy meeting of the federal reserve began sunday. as it appears the fed will continue moving forward with programs to stimulate the economy. the fed is likely to continue to purchase 45 billion a month in long term treasures. >> the goal would be to further reduce long-term interest rates and encourage borrowing by companies and individuals, perhaps soften the impact if there's no agreement to avoid this oakland. >> this on top of the 40 billion a month in mortgage- backed securities the treasury's buying to help keep mortgage interest rates below. the fed's balance sheets of already topped three trillion dollars and it is expected to top a trillion by the in the best- top four trillion by the end of next year. >> thank you mark sonoma county will be taking up the issue of medical marijuana today. the board of supervisors will consider
7:37 am
reducing the amount of marijuana that medical marijuana patients and their care givers can possess and cultivate. under a resolution approved by the board in 2006, patients may possess up to 3 lbs. of dried canada's a year and no more than 30 plants. >> the resolution to repeal the ordinance would set the allowable amounts to 8 ounces of dried marijuana and no more than six mature plants in compliance with california's health and safety code. >> colorado has become the second state to allow recreational use of marijuana. the governor of that state legalized it yesterday during a ceremony that finalized a voter- approved amendment. >> i have full support side to celebrate the moment by gathering outside the state coupcapital to smoke a joint. >> we are continuing to follow weather and traffic around the bay. whether wise
7:38 am
not to bad a little chilly. traffic looks a little slow on or about 101 by the 87 interchange. at bank of america, we're continuing to lend and invest in the people, businesses, and organizations that call the bay area home. whether it's helping a nonprofit provide safe, affordable housing within the city, supporting an organization that's helping kids find jobs and stay in school, or financing the expansion of a local company that's creating healthier workplaces, what's important to the people of the bay area is important to us. and we're proud to work with all those who are making our communities stronger.
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welcome back to the kron 4 morning news your watching what is happening in florida with nasa super secret space plane. what set off today from florida. the exit-37 be vehicle is said to make third mission just after 10:00 our time. here is video space plane returning to earth earlier this year. in fact on the second mission, the space plan was in orbit for a year. --it true purpose is classified. something it could be testing technology which could someday replace a shuttle, which was retired last year. >> in the first place i want to keep it secret i did
7:42 am
not release a video. that is what i would do. 7:41 a.m. we will be back with more in a couple of minutes. we want to show you this shot of the james lick and san francisco because it is hard to see. it is a great end of the day. what a one traffic budging up at the bottom of your screen. a little bit of a hot spot slow down. >> today will be talking about what will you do if you have a family member all old you money. --bow-owes you money. >> you can watch it at 10:00 a.m. right here
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good morning it is 7:44 a.m. you were walking up the kron 4 morning news taking it live outside. conditions at the james lick freeway in downtown san francisco has dense fog early as tuesday morning. that is not the were spot. this ability is 04 santa rosa and the bottle. also saying dense fog in the delta. --novato. >> we're seeing relatively clear conditions with the exception of half moon bay.
7:46 am
we will get an increase in a cloud cover as we head into the afternoon. pigeon cast four shows by 9:00 p.m. we're tracking a cold front --future cast four. >> right around midnight the heart of the bay dealing with some light rain not too much to concern as we wake up tomorrow morning some scattered spotty showers on the back end. this is not a big rainmaker. not too much moisture associated with this system may be a quarter of an inch for most of the bay area. a half inch for the coastal ranges. a lot of cloud cover a cool air will filter in many we will see some chilly morning lows around the freezing mark. your afternoon highs will only climb to the mid-50s. >> today's afternoon highs cooler compared to yesterday. 61 and palo alto and sunnyvale. 62 in santa clara. and the east bay more
7:47 am
clout on tap. 64 walnut creek in concord. 62 in fairfield. cooler conditions for the north bay later this afternoon. 57 for san francisco. 58 in san bruno. your kron 4 7 day around the bay forecast shows dry rather expected by thursday afternoon. we will see a slight chance of showers as we headed to friday. saturday night into sunday we're tracking coming from the gulf of alaska. with that temperatures in the mid-50s and possibly a half inch of rain for most of the bay area. that will be the case for most of sunday. we will continue with a chance for some rank as we start the next work week. >> thank you erica. a new hot spot for the peninsula. give yourself extra time if you plan on heading out towards highway 101 because of a car fire. the traffic map showed more about 10 what at san bruno ave the vehicle is off to the shoulder. the fire truck has
7:48 am
arrived. they had to write lines shut down. your back up on 101 northbound is growing and stretching towards highway 92. we have traffic coming off the set mateo bridge on westbound i did to merging with 101 that will at your back up. a vehicle fire at san bruno ave the two lines shut down as the backup of his to grow. >> a slow ride for well over an hour we started off with slow traffic and that we had an accident after the toll plaza. that crash is out of the way. the back up is still there. give yourself extra time into san francisco slow out of the bays. 580 west to west bound for. we have slow traffic on the peninsula on 101 starting on the haywood side westbound. it is jammed up through toll plaza across the bridge. more heavy traffic as you merge with
7:49 am
highway 101. 101 coming out of the north bay sluggish south bound out of the bottle from highway 37. out of novato. >> good morning gary. >> good morning darya . >> first we will deal with this brandon jacobs deal. he is suspended because of the griping. he said i am writing away on this thing. >> he was really a valuable member of the team may be they just said plays don't week.tweet. or instagram or wht ever. >> by suspending him they did not have to pay them the last three games and that will be in for him. >> that does not mean he
7:50 am
could head back to your or the what he wants. ? >> no. in case someone would want to pick him up if i come back to haunt the 49ers but it did not work. >> i remember interviewing him right before he started a big talker. he came from new york where they won the super bowl looking forward to playing out here. something did not work and that is it. >> things are working when kaopernick. he looks good. the 49 is a great. however the a look against tom ready? >> you watched knowing last night? the next two games are really want to be a big deal they're both on the road and if you saw new england take houston apart last night you know that will be good. >> nbc they can decide which gained to put in prime-time and next week it is new
7:51 am
england which is said. a week from sunday night it will be the san francisco 49ers at seattle. they decided to make that the national game of the week. back-to-back games. if the technical 49ers uselose both that could find themselves in second place. >> that is the worst-case scenario. when you saw what brady did that guy is amazing. got the gift to football r g iii. i guess he is tied with brady. >> you know was no. 3 in the quarterback ratings. alex smith. >> we ignore that sent brady and argierg iii.
7:52 am
>> it does not look good when that happens to your knee. they say it will be ok. >> everybody says about gryphon that as good a he is part ogriffin as good as these is part of that is he can run. that means you are more susceptible to getting hurt. the wonder is this going to be a yearly thing where this guy gets beat up a bit. >> we will see if he is able to play. and then the coach who did such great things for san jose state took them from 1-10 to a bowl game he is out. >> that is just it san jose state until they get a new stadium which in part can draw more people and hence pay a coach more. this is what is going to happen. this is a stepping stone job no question. he is a real nice guy and i bet i am pretty sure if they double the salary he is in the pac
7:53 am
12 conference. it will be a few years of him getting beat up. but mcintyre is there really nice decent guy. is the top person root for. >> does even go to the ball game? how does that work if you say you are leaving and we have not had the ball game? >> i believe the ball game is played back east of the 27 of december. he wants to get started at colorado recruiting kids now. he has to play catch-up. my guess is he will not do. maybe san jose state will say go ahead of the assistant coaches will practice the kids and you can show up at the bolt.bola.wl. >> jokavitch thinks he is a
7:54 am
genius and is going to be and cheese magnet. he balked a lot of cheese and that comes from his native serbia. it goes for $500 per pound. >> i knew the story but i still do not get it. if you want bulky she's you have to go to jokavitch. >> you cannot get it on the open market it sells for $500 per pound. he is going to open a restaurant not chanchain with the donkey cheese as its central peak. >> the litchis they make a select itethe all kdonkey chees
7:55 am
>> we will have had the asses. that is what you call it. >> i read the story on donkey cheese. >> ok see you later. b >>
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coming up response stocks continue to rise this morning and we will talk about what help the federal reserve. >> also this morning kidnapping and killing a morgan hill teenager sieraa lamar more on that
7:59 am
in a minute.
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(male announcer) live from the bay area here is your kron 4 news new video this fire at an apartment in hayward this morning, a live report coming up. contra costa supervisors are voting on the fate of their sui fire stations. >> rain is headed back to the bay area but we're not expecting too much. maybe a quarter of an inch, a trace of moms and some spots including the south bay. right now locally dense fog for the east bay valleys and for the north bay. tomorrow light rain for the early morning hours and cloudy conditions into the afternoon. rain will return to the forecast as we transition into the weekend. taking a look at current conditions 39 in fairfield concord 47 of the door in hayward and i'll have a look your afternoon highs and
8:02 am
future cast four coming up in just a bit. >> a hot spot for the peninsula, give yourself extra time this morning if you plan on using 1 01 are headed towards sfo. traffic maps of the location is 1 01 at san bruno ave. emergency crews on scene dealing with a vehicle fire with these two right lanes closed. it is backing of traffic in the northbound direction. it is heavy bag from 92. in the opposite direction nothing is locked in the southbound side but it is attracting a lot of attention and blocking your commute. it is heavy north and south between 390 so give yourself lots of extra time. across the san mateo bridge merging with 1 01 you'll be stuck in heavy traffic here. >> contra costa county supervisors are said to vote today on a plan that will close four fire stations.
8:03 am
will tran is that when the fire station slated to close. >> this is stations well and unless something happens nine firefighters sielaff to find another job because of seniority or go someplace else. the county says it can no longer sustain up four fire stations. one and march seen as 01 in what they had won in clayton also on the chopping block. why did they choose the four stations? based on call volume. they did not get as many calls as some of the bigger, larger stations in the area that have more people. the other reason as proximity to the nearby stations. the they close down the stations are at the other stations are not too far off that they can come over and do some work in an emergency. that means according to some people long response time in your ira expectinare used to thn
8:04 am
be across the street. they know that they do not have the money or millions of dollars and because voters rejected measure to which would generate a million dollars and kept all the stations open. if you cannot keep them open then you should at least try to stagger them. we talked to one fire fighter and he said he is not allowed to go on camera but he said that by rejecting measure q you may save $80 a year by not paying the property tax increase but not paying that there is a possibility, he has seen that before that the insurance policy because there is no longer a fire station near home could go up. we will have to wait and see. the meeting starting at 9:00. >> following the latest developments out of washington negotiations in the white house and house
8:05 am
speaker john m. banner and the upcoming fiscal cliff as three weeks away. neither side is willing to bend. the president says that inspiring tax cuts be renewed for all but the wealthiest americans and republicans insist deeper cuts in entitlement programs like medicare. neither side has given very many specifics. a likely compromise would include tax increases on the top tax bracket from 35 to 37% not 39% like the president wants. cigna began cuts to medicare and the debt ceiling is also looming in the stocks. the treasury saying the u.s. is likely to hit a 16.4 trillion dollar debt limit by the end the year. the treasure could use real measures that would stave off any u.s. debt default until mid february. rescue crews working to rescue vehicle the drover cliff and skyline boulevard in daly city early this morning. is that an airline big way on state highway 35 were skyline boulevard just south of sampras's go before 430 this morning.
8:06 am
>> authorities search for a fair oaks man presumed to have fallen in the mare island straight. authorities from the contra costa county and so on no account should county sheriff's offices will meet with u.s. coast guard at 10:00 a.m.. it asserts with sonar equipment. police 7777 year- old steven mattingly was working on his tugboat on the east shore of maryland when he was last seen on saturday. police did not suspect foul play lee battling stage and help my of had contributed to the disappearance. police of pleasant hill are searching for the person responsible for placing a pipe bomb outside an elementary school. police received a report of a suspicious device outside of pleasant hill elementary front office near the parking lot yesterday afternoon. police responded and determined that the
8:07 am
device to be a pipe bomb. the walnut creek bomb squad was called in an officer was able to cut the bomb in half. no word on whether the incidents are related to another tie bound in pleasant hill just last week. >> 2 men were injured in a drive-by shooting in antioch are expected survive. it happen yesterday morning in the 2300 block of matter wages after 10:00. both victims were taken to a local hospital and the investigation is ongoing. as a scary scene at this intersection a market in beale street. a man was struck and killed by a truck. according to police the truck hit the male victim as he crossed bill st and crosswalk run to 30 has an afternoon. there was love between market a mission for a few hours employees at the driver of the truck is cooperating with police. it has gotten even greater and five-year around our building in san francisco. we will be right back.
8:08 am
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checking markets quickly you can see the dow as silently in positive territory up a hundred and six. right now. 13,276 and also trading on the nasdaq and s&p. this is coming of head of the reserve meeting and a lot of people and expect the fed to initiate a new bond buying program by the end of this week. borrowing more money
8:11 am
gets the money circulating a little bit. the current program expires at the end of the year so they're trying to get it through today. >> the airline to buy almost half a british airline virgin atlantic for $360 million. it aims to both those its share of the liquor york to london market. delta says it will form a joint venture with the virgin for the two airlines which your money from the flights operated under the partnership. the joint venture still needs approval from u.s. and european regulators. delta is aiming at having the joint operation running bite the end of 2013. hsbc will pay $1.9 billion to settle u.s. money-laundering probe. the investigation as to hsbc has focused on the transfer billions of dollars on behalf of nations such as the rhine and the transfer money from mexican drug cartels. the british bank said in a statement tuesday that the settlement involves
8:12 am
a deferred prosecution agreement and with the u.s. department of justice. and just crossing wires the justice burton says hsbc intentionally allow prohibited transactions with i ride, libya, sudan and burma. >> what as roll out its own library of retro filters for its android and iphone apps. this comes as a social me as i said it lost the ability to display images from the facebook owns a gram. twitter of birds at the ability to include images and tweets a year-and-a-half ago. if you have arabizing abated twitter app is available now on the google place store. it is coming sounds apples app store. facebook uses are apparently too busy about a proposed policy changes on the web site. 300 million boys than needed to override those changes for results to be binding. however not even 1 million members participated proposed changes include doing away with the voting system and changing the data
8:13 am
is shared. so if it wants to this motion no. cannot change its policies without your approval. facebook will announce what happens next sound according to the bridge and go up this old facebook site veterans page. >> we will be right back. [ crickets chirping ]
8:14 am
[ traffic passing ] ♪ [ music box: lullaby ] [ man on tv, indistinct ] ♪ [ lullaby continues ] [ baby coos ] [ man announcing ] millions are still exposed to the dangers... of secondhand smoke... and some of them can't do anything about it. ♪ [ continues ] [ gasping ]
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california will experience highest tides of the year this week. there is a morning is when it will peak. this condition is called king tides where the gravitational tug of the mona sun not climate change is as consul for the extreme tides. king tides occur several times a year but this week's are the biggest of 2012. meteorologist at this week's ties will not cause flooding because it is happening during relatively calm weather. >> we do have a little storm coming. lots of sunshine right now but look at san francisco, out a little bit of fog at the moment. >> the fog is only getting worse out there. you could barely see a thing from our james lick freeway camera. this is downtown san francisco. if you think the fog is bad here look to the north bay with visibility down to zero for santa rosa and about. we have seen for nowt is up to 2 mi.. the fog is now dense and the delta and is down to zero. the good
8:17 am
news is not impacting sfo there have been no flight delays thus far. 10 mi. it's clear conditions for the rest of the bay area. keeping an eye on cold front and pressure will drop down into our area. first we will see an increasing cloud cover and later on tonight some rain. very light and nature and you can see by 9:00 p.m. some sprinkles north of the golden gate bridge. this will continue to pass, it will not sought out like some of the systems we saw last week. it will continue with this pushed south with light rain in our area. scattered showers on the back and. expected rains no mix in the sierra and a winter weather advisory is in a fax 4 to 8 in. between 4,500 ft.. you will need your chance for highway 50. afternoon highs in the bay area 64 vallejo and concord 61 in oakland and the mid to upper 50s for san revell in
8:18 am
downtown san francisco. 7 day around the bay shows we are not out of the woods just yet. another system, a bigger one saturday night into sunday could bring a half-inch of rain for most of the bay area up to an inch for the coastal ranges. temperatures will remain in the mid '50s for your afternoon highs. certainly bundle up because their morning lows will dip into the 30's. 817 and now on to traffic with weather. >> hot spots " in the south bay on the peninsula. sunnyvale there is yet another vehicle for our fire at 1 01 right at their old. emergency crews are on scene and have the left lane shut down. we have heavy commute traffic on 1 01 northbound well beyond 680. it is crawling out of san jose and sunnyvale through mountain view. it states have read near palo alto. if you plan on using 1 01 give yourself extra time. i will let you
8:19 am
know as soon as the left lane opens. there is also a vehicle fire in san bruno 1 01 northbound at san bruno ave. it was blocking the two right lanes and all lanes are open now. the damage is done. both sides of highway 1 01 jammed up between 380 and 92. give yourself a lot of extra time if you're planning on having out towards as f zero. traffic is still pretty damn that because of the earlier vehicle fire. the san mateo bridge -- jammed shoppiup the drive time is up to 25 minutes from hayward headed into foster city. it has been a tough ride into san francisco thanks to a couple of earlier accidents. nothing is blocking right now but lights are on an traffic is still backed up in the cash as well as fasttrack lanes. traffic
8:20 am
across the golden gate bridge is moving well on the span but you will see a lot of slowing on 1 01 south coming out of the north bay. an earlier accident in nevada cleared but your ride from the bottle to downtown san francisco is 45 minutes. >> of the port of oakland maritime director james klein is stepping down as a newly released audit shows nearly $200,000 in questionable expenses. luxurious meals tiffany silver key rings and a u2 concert. an internal audit of 2011 expenses were already under way in october when news broke about the ports executive director of r. benjamin and once the nearly $4,500 that he is a strip club. benjamin had already stepped down from his position. >> the man charge of murder kidnapping of morgan hill dean sierra lamar will face charges this week for other crimes. 21 year-old angela and garcia thorez now faces
8:21 am
charges in attacks on three women in 2009. all three cases have been and morgan hill's safeway parking lot. prosecutors say in one of the attacks in 18 year-old woman was sitting in her car when a man tried open her door. when she grabbed a pocketknife to defenders of the man grabbed her hand and pull the blade to her neck. she screamed and he took off. he is still awaiting trial following his arrest in may in connection with the marses' appearance. 30 year-old ronald roy buchanan was arrested on suspicion of possessing obscene material involving a person under the age of 18. the investigation started in november when a teenage girl and her parents contacted police about an appropriate comments and suspected secret videotaping during a photography session. the cannon was also the girls volleyball coach and police say he is the cellphone to record a girl staging its look like the foam was charging in the bathroom.
8:22 am
>> new numbers coming in on hate crimes are on the bay area. oakland and san francisco saw a drop in hate crimes from 2011 to 2010. that was not the case in san jose which saw an increase. according to the fbi's san jose reported 32 hate crimes in 2011 up from 24 of the year before. a: no. drop from 15 in 2010 to just nine last year. sampras is aware from 63 down to 46. the fbi says a nationwide numbers are also down. san jose police san jose police announced the new streamlined way for residents report nonviolent lower level crimes using an online form. the application called coplogic allows people to report crimes such
8:23 am
as harassing phone calls identity theft loss property and vandalism. authorities say the new application is user-friendly and allows public awaits a report less serious crime of the guns of lease is not calling of officer to the same. sampras is go out >> seventh as the place apart is launching an effort to crack down on repeat the why offenders. now through all of 2013 south san francisco police department will coordinate with the california department motor vehicles to watch for repeat offenders. are the past three years a bit more than 65 d white colleges in south san francisco. police the pinole are investigating another craigslist robbery. this one happened sunday night when two men posing as sellers met to unsuspecting buyers at a wendy's or parking lot on aspen way. the robbers will our rifles and demanded cash. both victims were able to run off without injury. police say the incidents like these are real when you consider the high number of transactions on craigslist
8:24 am
every day. >> we will be right back as the kron4 morning news continues. right after our news you can catch dr. phil. this one is ever by a man and says his 25 year-old stepson is a mama's boy and needs to pay off a $50,000 loan. and dr. phil help? find out after today's kron4 news.
8:25 am
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8:27 am
sonoma county will be talking medical marijuana today with the board of supervisors consider reducing the amount of marijuana bit patients and their care givers may possess and cultivate. under the resolution that was approved in 2006 patients may possess of the 3 lbs. of dry cannabis the year and no more than 30 plants. the resolution to repeal the ordinance would set the allowable amounts to 8 ounces of dry mark marijuana and no more than six mature plants and plants with california's health and safety code. >> severance is setting towards snuffing out smoking entirely. the board of supervisors will consider a measure that would prohibit smoking at outdoor events. the ordinance would require event organizers to park post notices banning smoking as conditions of their city permit. it applies all smoked tobacco are otherwise. >> researchers say overeating and children tease the lead to drug use later in life. the study up
8:28 am
on the girls were more likely to binge eat than boys. the study also found a connection between overeat as overt leaders and marijuana and drug use later on. researchers say their findings suggest lack of control could play a role. >> this will start off at a clear and now at a 27 it is stuck in here. especially the mt. tam marin county side. we will be right back.
8:29 am
8:30 am
nothing fog as the story here and snow in spots in the north bay. >> good morning mark i do not think we will see to much sunshine with an increase in a cloud cover. temperatures only climb into the upper 50s low 60s. we have rain on tap as we head into the evening hours approaching from the north.
8:31 am
it will continue to spread its way south over night. " and is expected with this system and temperatures tomorrow only climb to the mid-50s. rain is approaching and i will walk you through the future cast four and my next report. it is time for traffic with robin. >> good morning we have another hot spot, literally this is at the caldecott tunnel. east of for oakland this is the third fire of the morning. emergency crews are on scene but this will slow down your ride as you head out of oakland. the opposite direction as release well, nothing but walking the westbound direction. if you are travelling or planned on traveling and to oakland give yourself lots of extra time. it is a slow ride through the tunnel toward highway 580. >> just into the kron4 newsroom developing news coming out of castro valley, live pictures to show you
8:32 am
from the sky hb. there is a crash between a school bus and a couple of cars and castro valley. one are two lanes is blocked and the southbound direction of 14th street. east 14th street. kron4 jackie sissel is headed that way so we will get reports as soon as he gets established and can talk with some of the police and emergency crews on scene. at least one or two cars has rear end of the school bus. on east 14th street in castro valley. we do not know if anyone has in seriously injured in this, hopefully not. kron4 jackie sissel is on the wealth away and says he is himself established we will get a better idea of what the extent of the injuries are if there are any. we will be back with more updates as soon as more information comes then. >> contra costa county supervisors are scheduled to vote today on a plan that would close for county fire
8:33 am
stations. the martinez, walnut creek, lafayette, and clean stations will close next month. the list comes after the voters rejected measure q a temporary parcel tax that would have kept these stations open. the board of supervisors meeting is scheduled for to o'clock this afternoon and will tran will have a live report in the next half-hour. >> firefighters were fighting a fire at international boulevard. there is a picture from the oakland fire department with flames shooting up in the air. the plans were under control about 15 minutes and no injuries were reported. the oakland fire department department says the fire was started by squatters and a vacant building. >> a two day policy meeting of the federal reserve begins today. it will will
8:34 am
continue to purchase $45 billion a month and long- term treasurys. the goal would be further reduce long-term interest rates and encourage borrowing by companies and individuals, perhaps soften the impact of there's no agreement to avoid the fiscal cliff. this on top of the 40 billion a month in mortgage backed securities the treasury is buying to help keep mortgage interest rates low. the fed's balance sheet has already topped three trillion dollars and is expected to top four trillion by the end of next year. >> 25 years to life without the possibility for parole was the sentence handed down to the convicted killer of hayward parsons didn't michelle lei. a jury convicted as does l pass the bonn in october of killing way. the 26 year-old michelle lei was missing from a hayward hospital parking lot in may of 2011. searchers discovered her badly decomposed remains in the canyon four months later. prosecutors say as the bomb killed michelle lei over france up she had with the father of s the bonds
8:35 am
daughter. as the house lawyer and said she was the kill was done in the heat of passion. in 1901 is fighting for her life this morning after seeing a member found bound and gagged on a san francisco street. the victims were discovered on a 900 block of russell street around 830 sunday night. both were alive when there found the man later died of the hospital. according to police the women's injuries are life-threatening. no one has been arrested and the victim by the attendees have not been released. >> the stabbing of a 14 year-old boy happened on saturday and a walkway behind a nearby tech museum. the victims sought help at a carnival cross the street from the christmas and the park. police as is the stabbing as an isolated incident. a spokesman says the security detail assigned to the park may expand patrol efforts but there are currently no plans at extra officers officers. the 40 year-old victim suffered non-life threatening injuries and his assailants
8:36 am
remain at large. the pedestrians struck and killed last week has been identified as it year-old russell roy of san jose. he died of multiple blunt force injuries according to the coroner's office. rose was a mystery in the area south white ankle where rose less was a afternoon when he was struck by a dark colored as your man. the driver of the vehicle did not stop and the the driver nor the vehicle had been located. the controversy is unfolding at north bay school district in setting the school meal program. the state bar of education is ordering the cannes film school district to fire a volunteer group was offered overseas a proper program. the volunteers ahead of the program for the past 30 years and the state apartments is due to a lot
8:37 am
to state law the only district can see meal service. the district is in the letter back to the state lay out its current program. the matter will be discussed at a board meeting later on today. after 144 years the university of california has in the logo. the original logo was designed in 1868 in is inscribed the words let there be light. university officials say the new seal is more simple and contemporary it will appear on the school's marketing materials the web sites. not everyone is happy with the logo there is on my position with roughly 40,000 signatures and faced a page dedicated to getting rid of the new logo. more than 5000 people are joining that page. >> of menlo park officials say they're close to choosing a new police chief but will need the state's ok to hang on to the interim chief a few more months. today the city council is considered asking the state for permission to extend the contract of former sen police chief lee by let why
8:38 am
receives a pension. menlo park city managers says the city is in the final stages of hiring process is so mild that will likely not be needed after two more months. >> the big difference is in the bay bridge is sun and the fog out there. we have some cold and rain on the way to talk about. we will be right back.
8:39 am
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8:41 am
the australian these days behind a prank call to kate nelson hospital are distraught and very emotional. reacting to the news of the nurse who died after falling victim to their homes. legal experts say the australian radio station behind the franc to the london hospital where the pregnant kate was being treated could face criminal charges for airing the conversation. the deejays pretended to be the queen and prince charles and orders to get information on the duchess of cambridge. police have not yet determined how the nurse died it was immediately assume that it was related to her falling for the prank. last week spring was widely condemned days after it aired and after the still unexplained death of a nurse to answer the phone and help to these the day's big confidential information about middleton's health. when it comes to a potential criminal case the question is not about the death is whether a private conversation was broadcast
8:42 am
without the permission of the participants. the post on the kron4 facebook page asking you should the australian deejays face criminal charges. police there wrote know they cannot be held responsible for this they did not believe a woman or in-flight anytime a farm on her other than an dumb trick that maybe wasn't the smartest thing to do. this an even though barry says yes they should face charges their actions greatly contributed to this woman's death. wheeze the roden said there were several areas may but it was a prank. no harm was intended son know they shouldn't face criminal charges. while i feel badly for the nurses family perhaps he has some other issues we don't know about. the giant conversation got a facebook .com/kron4 post your comments we'd love to hear your thoughts. the time
8:43 am
is not a 42, we will be right back.
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ñç çoç5
8:46 am
>> sunshine in the back up at the bay bridge. let's get an update on the rain moving in with erica kato. >> lots of stuff to talk about. concord is still in the upper 30's and we do have rain on the way. we can see that on satellite and radar. a system, a cold front is dropping down from the gulf of alaska still serving a lot of cool area and to the bay area. i will walk you through the time and by 9:00 p.m. tonight there is not too much to talk about. clouds for the north bay. 11:00 p.m. light rain expected that near the golden gate bridge and it will make its way closer to downtown san francisco. midnight folks will be an doors and we'll be contending with some light rain in the heart of the bay. passing showers as we wake up wednesday morning.
8:47 am
you'll probably need an umbrella but this is not a rain big rainmaker. it will bring a lot of cold air into the bay area and expect temperatures to hover in the 30's close to freezing. after nine highs will only be climbing into the 50s. today in the meantime other '50s low 60s for pleasanton and livermore. 57 in san francisco. 7 day around the bay highlights some changes. we have rain on the way and it looks like the potential for scattered showers as we head into your friday. saturday and sunday another storm system will rolled through. this one brings modern rain possibly for the rest of the bay area. that is a look at the bay area forecast, let's take its is tahoe. if you're headed in that direction on highway 80 bring your chains. winter weather advisory goes into effect at 10:00 p.m. tonight. in tahoe basin 11
8:48 am
to 53 and is no snow reported in hollywood. if you're headed up to all- metal snow in the past 24 hours looks like it is sitting at 17 to 46 in.. >> for those of you traveling up to the caldecott tunnel this is a place to of white this morning. we have a major problem inside the tunnel on the open side. this is eased out as you head out of oakland and too our roundup. a car fire was reported in the left lane although it is on cleared which board. traffic coming to a complete stop. the tunnel as slow smoking you cannot get through. this is really a stretch to avoid. chp does is it a special traveler for highway 24 in the east on direction. because of the vehicle fire inside the tunnel no word yet as to when the fire will be out are under control. we will keep you updated. the opposite direction westbound traffic is crawling out of
8:49 am
walnut creek from 680 to the caldecott through the tunnel on the open side. that is because of in zero earlier problem and a stall and traffic. if you're planning on having into iran does hold off on the commute. traffic is an athlete complete staff because of the vehicle fire. hadn't is sampras as gold traffic is losing up a tad bit but not much. nothing lacking right now but it is still backed up into a maze and on to your approaches from the east shore from 580. give yourself extra time headed to san francisco. sam is there bridge is so slow commute no problems to release the you down but it is normal commute traffic on the right-hand side of your screen westbound. still heavy and words of foster city. golden gate bridge is doing just fine and has since moved all morning in both directions. >> why pictures just and out of lansing michigan were we have thousands of people outside the state capital this morning. 33 unions have
8:50 am
basically put the all call out of their members to show up here and they have. in the thousands. they're protesting the possible passage today of the right to work laws. it is already made its way through the house and for the senate and today is basically final approval day. union leaders say they've vowed to wage all-out war against those in support of making this legal. under this right to work lot it basically would reduce financial support for unions. it would make it optional so union dues would not go directly into the union's political campaigning and the like. here we have banners and signs of for a hotly contested issue in the state of michigan. you can see the potential passage of this right to work lot that is what people in the thousands of protest. this would make mich. the 24 the right to work state. we will be following the latest of violence throughout the day.
8:51 am
>> online travel adviser hot wired not, as compiled a list of the top most festive destinations for this holiday season. topics ... san juan pr for a six weeklong celebration of christmas from day to day after thanksgiving until the feast of the three kings on january 6th. new york also makes the cut with the attraction of the rockefeller center christmas tree and its radio center christmas bechtel it spectacular. rounding out the top three is on the beach in australia where is summer tech's off on december 1st for all the servers and sunbathers out there. >> kenyan college surfingand a s
8:52 am
not looking good. the league is cancel of games through december 30th at the made two more weeks of the season. so far more than 507 canceled including the new year's winter day when served classic an all-star weekend. nhl commissioner gary bettman says the league will not play a season with less than 48 games per team. a deal with the players association needs to be reached within the next few weeks to save the season. there are no talks scheduled between the two sides as of now. the lockout is now on its 87th day. san of a football coach mike mcintyre is leading the spartans to take over at at colorado in coach and a pact well. mcintyre transformed a once welty money took over three years ago into a 10 game winner and a top 25 ranking this year. many felt cal would go after mcintyre but they went with sonny jackson said. now mcintyre will be coaching against cal
8:53 am
on a regular basis in trying to turn around colorado is in the middle of the seven straight losing seasons and has 20 losses to last two years. no word on whether mcintyre remain at the san jose state the next two weeks to coachber 27th against bowling green. >> new year's is around a corner and you can spend the kron4. we have a live fireworks party that you live to the comfort of your own living room hostess buyer on catherine he and in gary radnich. it start 1130 on new year's eve. [ game announcer ] touchdown! and here comes the dunk.
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[ male announcer ] everyone loves to dunk. ♪ [ game announcer ] will he dunk it? yes, he will. [ male announcer ] mcdonald's tender, juicy chicken mcnuggets in creamy ranch and spicy buffalo sauce. just $4.99 for 20 of your favorite chicken mcnuggets. ♪ [ game announcer ] will he dunk it? yes, he will. [ male announcer ] more ways to love mcnuggets. ♪ remember when we told you about the special cars that were $450 from starbucks? it
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cost you 50 bucks basically have this limited edition cards on top of the 400. they sold out! 500 of the same still give cards and they saw on line. >> it is prestige >> they sold out in six minutes! >> can you resell them? >> yes on ebay they are going for more. there was one on saturday that went for a 1100 bucks. >> its plan right? >> it is stileel >> the pope will be sending out its first week from his personal twitter account tomorrow. it is part of a question and answer session
8:58 am
with his followers. pope benedict the 16th wants his pontifex twitter account last week. he has more than $600,000 already. the vote is expected to only address matters of faith during as with recession. >> we are following developing stories, first off we want to update you on the latest on contra costa county were of supervisors will vote today on the future of four east bay fire stations. we'll have a live report for you out of martinez. also keeping an eye on wall street and we will bring down this morning as winners and losers with financial expert rob black at 915. clear skies this morning but rain is headed our way. it is a little foggy over stanford cisco is you can see in this live shot. the kron4 news continues in just two minutes.
8:59 am
9:00 am
9:01 am
>> a school bus crash in castro valley. these pictures from skyes 7 abc news. kron4 is live on the scene with crews in the air and on the grounds. >> pitchers from skyes 7 from abc news. a crash between a school bus into cars in castro valley. while late is currently block on southbound east 40th street. kron4 said jackie sizzle is on his way to the scene and he will have a live report as soon as possible. >> we will get word as soon
9:02 am
as possible. >> contra costa county supervisors are scheduled to vote today on a plan that would close four fire stations next month. kron 4 urs will tran joins us live from the fire station set for closure in martinez. we'll? >> unless they come up with $4 million a looks like it will happen. the board of supervisors will tackle this it 2:00 p.m. this afternoon. there are hoping their residents can somehow, with the mining or some type of solution to prevent this from happening. here is one man who has a lot ideas that are floating around. >> is there any thing on the table that has not been
9:03 am
discussed? >> we will continue to look at opportunities in any way that we could structure the services to be delivered. we want to make sure that we are able to not close the stations. this is the case of what we want to do is see what opportunities that we can work with. which would try to work with an ambulance services in the area. we will look at a number things to try to see how we are able to keep all of the station's operating. i would say that right now it does not look good. >> $4 million is not
9:04 am
sitting in a round reserved for us to continue to provide this particular level of service. with the voters to vote of fortunately we made it very clear that this was the possibility and that we would not be able to continue with the same level of service. we need this increase. where we're at today is that we will continue to look at options and opportunities and how we can structure ourselves differently to make this happen. >> i talked to a fireman this morning this stated that that was not the case and that he is stating that maybe they can make their insurance premiums higher. >> there are a lot risks involved. due to the measure not pass and we have to be fair to the voters and that we have to look get every
9:05 am
opportunity to try to make sure that we can continue to deliver services. the voters denied it and it comes with the cost. one of the things that people will see is that we have limited number of stations open their insurance rates will probably go up. what i feared the most is lives being threatened because we're not able to get to them faster. as you know over 80 percent of the calls are non emergency medical costs. this is important and as i get older i look dead my grandparents and myself and young children who are at risk. we will be tried to work with ambulance services to see if we can get some concessions. >> daria, coming up at 9:30
9:06 am
a.m. i will tell you how they will try to keep them open without closing them. >> we are watching the fog and waiting for the rain. >> the golden gate bridge is sucking in the fog. there are very soggy conditions outside. i want to show you the visibility map. this is where the fog is bad. in a bottl fairfield is down to zero visibility. will see clouds also increases afternoon and it will bring along with chances of rain and showers. late this afternoon and early this evening i think the rain will move into the north bay and it will depart
9:07 am
from the greater bay area by about midnight. the bulk of the rent will be mostly over m.rain will be-special get ready for some cold temperatures. and >> we are in 49 degrees in san jose and 54 degrees in oakland. livermore is coming then at 54. the time is on 9 of 6:00 a.m.. >> in the east bay let's start with our ride out oakland into our when the. emergency crews are working with a built coal fire. the left lane is blocked and at one point this tunnel was filled with smoke. they had to shut this down completely
9:08 am
and this is no longer the case. we have the left lane this is causing a major delay. this is now crawling back to highway 580. in the opposite direction we had day in another problem that jammed up your drive for highway 24. >> the latest info on the crash and castro valley. for kids on the bus sitting at a stoplight when the crash happened. a car slammed into the back and get another car crashed into that car. bus has a label on it that reads door ham school services. two of the four kids were transported with minor injuries. the driver of the white car also suffered injuries which are
9:09 am
unknown at this time. a turn lane is blocked but will open soon. >> we will return. [ female announcer ] this is a special message from at&t. [ male announcer ] it's no secret that the price of things just keeps going up. [ female announcer ] but we have some good news. it's our bundle price promise. [ male announcer ] a price you can definitely count on, for two whole years. from at&t. [ female announcer ] a great price for a great triple-play bundle.
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9:11 am
secondhand smoke affects 9. everyone's health. it's not just irritating. it can cause heart disease and even death. speak up about secondhand smoke. your health and the health of your family depend on it. >> new this morning. out of michigan and household representatives has just passed the of right to work law. he goes on to the
9:12 am
governor who will pass it through. the unions are not happy about this. in fact it hampers their ability to get you in dues from members. there are thousands of people outside the capital that are protesting. 33 unions have assembled to make their voices heard. >> out of florida, george zimmerman as requested have his ankle gps monitor removed and it has been denied. a florida judge made that decision this morning and this is video from that hearing. zimmerman is charged in the shooting deaths of 17 year-old treyvon martin. he is out on bond and his lawyers asked a judge to cut the gps lows. he also set a hearing 45 days before the trial and that will be zimmerman is opportunity to argue that shooting was in self-defense under florida's stand your
9:13 am
ground lot and asked the judge to drop the charges. >> we will be right back in a moment. here is a live look at van ness ave. we still have a lot of fog in san francisco to get through. we will be right back.
9:14 am
9:15 am
>> the ddowe dow is down by 1
9:16 am
05. the fiscal cliff does not seem to be going faster with their negotiations. house speaker spoke. we have four winners today. >> delta airlines is buying a 50% stake in virgin atlanta. this is a big left to right east coast. there are picking up more flights there and this is a premium business. this is a huge win for delta. >> they will be filling a gap, i like it but i am not an investor in airlines. warm bus this stated that he would never buy airline. this helps and delta stocks.
9:17 am
>> apple stocks all up by 3 percent. there stating that they have up their numbers from a thousand activation is. at&t analyst added that they have up there activation spot as well. >> your novel iyahoo is up. >> she started to roll out new products and new relationships. this is for nbc. they will maintain separate web sites. this gives nbc college cover and there was a new e-mail product they're rolled out. the mill usage is down
9:18 am
across the nation because of people taxi and 24texting ang twitter. >> there is a ugly chapter on wall street about the 2008 bailout. people freaked out when eight i g get things back. they paid the government back. >> what did they do with their profit? >> we made almost $23 million. >> the time now is 917 and we want to switch gears and go to our weather. >> there are foggy conditions at the golden gate bridge. we have fault here and especially north of the bridge. visibility is
9:19 am
down to zero in san francisco. it is just over a quarter of a mile. this is not everywhere. oakland redwood city are looking good. fairfield going out on 80 is encountering dense fog. you should keep this in mind as you head out the door. the rest of today it will be a chilly morning. most of us will stay dry today a letter on this afternoon we will see some areas of showers are arriving at temperatures will be cooler and not as mild. we will see lybrand developing tonight for north of golden gate bridge. >> temperatures right now are 51 degrees in downtown san francisco, 54 in oakland, may 4th is out in
9:20 am
the east. here is a look pitcher satellite radar picture. there is not a lot on in california but we do have this cold front on the golf of alaska. they're bringing then snow. with his see the front right here. we will see clouds increase and you really will see was the front comes through the there will be light rain activity started tonight at 9:00 a.m. it will be dry. 11:00 a.m. you will see is just lie right. overnight it will push through but it is not a real big rainmaker. >> when someone will feel really cold. after this we are pretty much done with the rain. the high for today will be 56 degrees in daly
9:21 am
city, a 57 in san francisco and the low 70's for oakland. 60 in redwood city and 63 degrees in pleasanton. napa will try to get up to 59 degrees. just some light rain overnight into early wednesday morning. get ready for a cooler conditions for wednesday and thursday. it will be in the '50s. friday may see showers and we can may also have moisture. >> if you are planning to go skiing we do have a winter storm advisory in affect for this evening and we are looking at some areas of small developed by 10:00. we're looking at new snow
9:22 am
that is falling. it is aboit will come down about 10:00 tonight and tomorrow morning. >> good morning, the mimic for a rate is now looking so good. there is a new hot spot on the southbound side on 238. this crash was originally reported to chp and snore ball but it is in the opposite direction. it is that southbound. it is to vehicles with a count motorcycle. the traffic is squeezing by and it is quickly back it up. this is from david street heading out to 238. the northbound traffic goes all the way to downtown oakland. this is a
9:23 am
stretch for you to avoid. if you can hop over to a 580 but they are also dealing with backups. >> the tunnel was cleared earlier due to a vehicle fire. if this car was on fire in side of the tunnel. this is out of the way but the for traffic is still there. this is your ride on interstate 24. your commute on 13 is also crawling back to 580. the flow of both sides from zero to two are run the are both hot spots. he should avoid this if you care. >> the port of oakland is stepping down due to $2,000 that are questionable. this is due to a luxury meals and tiffany jury that was bought. they spent nearly
9:24 am
$4,500 at a strip club. he had already stepped down from his previous position. >> it is cold outside and we do have a cloud cover outside. >>
9:25 am
9:26 am
9:27 am
-what's up? i'm chris. -and i'm erik. both: we're the fruit guys! back in 1998, we had this idea to deliver fresh fruit to offices in downtown san francisco. we built these wooden crates, filled these with fruit in my one-bedroom apartment. the fruit guys has been with bank of america since they first started. we work with them to help them grow and succeed. we're coming up on 50 employees and delivering to thousands of companies every week. i would definitely say this is a fruitful business. >> welcome back. there is a lot of fog that a sliding through especially out in san francisco. >> there is a mess in florida and they are cleaning up from severe weather. this is out of
9:28 am
florida. and you can see the damage that has been done to buildings and a lot of the trees have been just pulled up. we will be right back as kron 4 news continue. a school bus crash and castro valley. we will have more news as we continue.
9:29 am
9:30 am
>> we are back. we have an update now on a developing story out castro valley. where a school bus accident happened that sent to children to the hospital. we have some new video to show you. that accident happened on east 14th street near 165th street. we understand the four children were on the bus when it was rear ended at a red light. the driver of a car that struck the bus was also injured, but we do not know how badly. a second car also
9:31 am
where it the first car we have no information on the condition of that driver. we are still trying to confirm which school those students attended. all we know is that the bus was labeled their ham school services. kron 4 urs and jackie sizzle is on the scene and will let you know if he found out anything more. >> right now we have foggy conditions and it will not be a wet day for the most part but it will be a little bit cooler. the co-lead trend will go through the weekend. the fafog not widespread. santa rosa is not too bad there adjusted to 1/2 miles. napa is find and oakland. this should be gone by the afternoon. we do see a chance of showers for this afternoon as well as
9:32 am
late tonight. tomorrow there will be light rain early and this is not a big rainmaker by any means. right now temperatures in hayward are at 51 degrees, mountain view at 50, napa at 45, walnut creek is at 54 degrees. when i return i will break down the forecast. >> we still have a major trouble spot on the mimic for white. this is an san leandro. this is a 80 south before to 38. if this is closer to--this is an evolving several cars and a down motorcycle. all the lanes are blocked far left
9:33 am
right lane. the damage is done at a traffic is crawling everywhere. your northbound ride is sold through that accident scene and will stay at it. you should avoid the mimicked freeway because of a major accident. >> contra costa county supervisors are scheduled to vote today on a plan that would close four fire stations next month. kron4 will tran joins us live outside the county supervisors meeting wheel? >> we have martinez,--there was a talk about saving the stations but they stated that they have to raise money in property taxes and this was rejected. they stated that they cannot find the money and that the stations will close within the next week. the reason
9:34 am
why these stations are being closed because they have low call volumes. they are hoping that the stations that are nearby can possibly respond and pick up the slack. people stated that if you close the stations that there could be possible longer response times. not to mention that they do not want everything to happen with one station tried to handle everything. >> another possibility, is that $4 million is not sitting under a seat cushion that it is due to the stations that 80 percent of their calls were for medical calls and not for fires. there is a chance that they may keep them open but instead of having a full- fledged firemen that may just have more paramedics available. if something
9:35 am
should happen to your grandparents' they will be able to quickly respond to them. we will know in about a few hours when they make the final decision. the meeting is scheduled for nine. >> a another story this morning, san francisco police are investigating a bizarre murder case. a man and woman were found bound and gagged in the middle of a residential neighborhood. the man is dead. the woman is fighting for our live periods >> both of the victims went to the hospital where the man later died and a woman still is fighting for her life right now with severe injuries. police stated that
9:36 am
they cannot elaborate on how the two knew each other or where they're from. they stated that they do not know why they were left to brutally on the street. >> we're try to see if there's anything on video that can capture what happened. people will live here are shocked about this violence. >> i i normally do not leave my house alone. >> pete police are encouraging people will have information about this crime to come for. >> as kron 4 news continue we have a live look at the bay bridge toll plaza. we're seeing sunshine and there's still a big fog around the bay. we are waiting for the rain that is expected to drop and later on tonight and tomorrow morning.
9:37 am
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9:40 am
>> new this morning the rescue crew is working to rescue a person who went over the cliff. this was on state highway 34 just south of san francisco. >> 25 years to life without the possibility of parole. that is the sentence handed down yesterday to the convicted killer of hayward nursing student michelle lay. a jury convicted gise lle esteban in october of killing a leak. the 26 year- old went missing from a hayward hospital parking lot in may of 2011. searchers discovered her ben lee decomposed remains. as the bonds a lawyer insisted that the killing was done in the heated passion. >> the investigation
9:41 am
continues into a gang related stabbing near the popular christmas in the party then in downtown san jose. police now say, that the stabbing of this 14 year-old boy saturday occurred in a walkway behind a nearby tech museum. police insist that the stabbing is an isolated incident. the 14 year-old victim suffered non of life- threatening inju his a injuries. his assailants remain at large. >> the pedestrian killed in a hit-and-run crash and san jose last week has been identified as a 51 a year old russell roy of san jose. roy died of multiple blunt force injuries and a small fracture. the driver of the vehicle did not stop and
9:42 am
neither the driver nor the vehicle has been located >> another round of negotiations between the white house, and house speaker john boehners office on the upcoming fiscal cliff. just three weeks away and neither side seems to be willing to bend. the president is insisting that the expiring tax cuts be renewed for all but the wealthiest americans. the republicans' insistence of a deeper cuts to entitlement programs like medicare. although neither side has given very much specifics. >> coming up on kron 4 nils. we have people behaving badly next. but first a live look outside at the san mateo bridge.
9:43 am
9:44 am
9:45 am
9:46 am
line who is stanley roberts who found some people behaving badly. >> i strongly believe that people only think about pedestrian safety when they are the pedestrian. >> she was the only one who stopped when this woman was trying to cross the street. >> to have pedestrian safety you first have to have safe drivers. this driver is actually going the wrong direction on a one-way street. while going the wrong way he has to yield to three pedestrians there are across the street. he then proceeds to make a u- turn and he is on along side of the street. he backs up to go back down the same street he was on. >> my girlfriend was cross said as she almost got ran over. a one-sided and would
9:47 am
come one week this happen. >> now one driver stopped and this is talking dozens of drivers. it also said that i actually had to walk out in traffic with my camera these three people had to wait up to 30 drivers to pass before that across the street. i said this video up before one drag are actually follow state law are and you did. these two men had to weigh but watch what happens to them. >> they're oftentimes for education but sometimes there's a need for enforcement. >> they should start writing tickets out here. >> i think the time is now. i and stanley roberts kron 4 news. >> i hope you enjoyed the
9:48 am
sunshine and mildwe had yesterday. we are in the fog right now and this is on van ness ave. we have a low cloud and for parts of the north bay. is not widespread and the visibility in certain areas are down to zero. napa is just under 2 mi. an sfo is just under 3 tens of a mile. it has impacted flights for san francisco international. that average delay is up to 40 minutes. the rest of today we should expect chilly conditions and this afternoon it will be increasing clouds. this evening we are looking at light rain to arrive this evening into the over nine hours. it will be mostly cloudy for this afternoon. >> the satellite and radar
9:49 am
shows that this is a cold front right here and it is already dropping some showers and snow for organ and into washington. this is not a big rain maker we should not give a lot of moisture. it really will break damn much cooler air for this time of year. it will feel more like winter for the next few mornings. future cast 4 states said it will started about 9:00 p.m.. most of us will be dry but as for the coast and the north of us by 11:00 p.m. they will start to see it come through a round midnight. it will be mainly an overnight yvette. it will event. for the most of the
9:50 am
day which should drive things out. our winter weather advisory is looking for 4 to 8 in. of snow more than a foot possible for daughter passed. you will be needing your chains. the highs for today will be a lot cooler than yesterday. 61 degrees and san francisco. comparable be in the lower 60s. it will be closer to the average. >> it will even be cooler for tomorrow we are looking for rain for the first part of your wednesday. friday you may see a slight chance of showers. we may see more grain from the weekend
9:51 am
system compared to tonight's system perry ed wednesday, thursday and friday will be much cooler. >> we still have a hot spot on the mimicked freeway. it is still a place that you should avoid. this is right at this then leandro border. there is a crash involving a down to a motorcycle and several vehicles. there are now trying to make progress. there are two lanes open but the traffic is still backed up beyond the coliseum. your northbound rivals still be heavy because you have to still get through this thing. if you should avoid the mimicked freeway and hop over to 580. this is definitely a good alternate for you. if you are traveling through oakland and a run the you should have extra time on your
9:52 am
hands. it reopened about 845 this morning and as you can see we still have had the traffic in both directions. >> there is a huge improvement and there was an earlier back up and this is no longer the case. the me relies on periodthe metering liw on. it is still a little heavy southbound as you work your way to san rafael. >> nasa this super secret space plane will take off today from florida. the x- 37 b l " is set to make a third mission this morning. here is video of the space plane returned to earlier this year. the first two missions had the craft
9:53 am
orbiting the planet for months at a time and it is the true purpose is not been classified. some think it would be testing technology which could someday replace the space shuttle, which was retired last year. the >> and reminder that you can bring in the new year on kron 4. we are told only local live program at its starts at 11:30 p.m. on new year's eve.
9:54 am
9:55 am
9:56 am
>> online travel adviser has compelled its list of the top most festive destinations for this holiday season. topping the
9:57 am
list is san juan pr for is a six week long celebration of christmas, from the day after day is given to the peace of the three teens on january the sixth. new york also makes the cut thanks to the attraction of the rockefeller center christmas tree and its radio center christmas spectacular. and rounding out the top three is the bundy beach in australia, where summer and kicks off on december 1st for all the surfers and sunbathers out there. >> california will experience the highest tides of the year this week. there's a morning is when it will peak. this condition is called tina tides where the gravid told cub of the moon and sun not climate change is responsible for the extreme tides. teen tides
9:58 am
occur several times a year, but this week's are the biggest of 2012. we urologists say that this week's tides will not cause flooding because it is happening dorn relative calm weather. >> do not forget that you can watch dr. phil today right after the kron 4 morning news. joe says his 25 year-old stepson is a momma's boy who needs to get a job and pay off a $50,000 loan. can dr. phil help, a get to tha
9:59 am